Design for SDGs in Fukuoka 2017 – Global Goals Jam / Universal Fukuoka Design Workshop

The international design workshop and open seminar Design for SDGs in Fukuoka 2017, Global Goals Jam Fukuoka / Universal Fukuoka Design Workshop, was held with the theme of SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

At the open seminar held on September 15th, 2017, participants discussed the relationship between SDGs and design from the two perspectives of “Social Design” and “The Welfare Setting and Possibilities of Design” on the shared foundation of SDGs.

The workshop, held on September 16th and 17th, 2017, gathered a diverse group of participants, including researchers, students, designers, business executives, wheelchair users, staff from aid institutions for individuals with disabilities, visually impaired individuals and their guide dogs, as well as infants and their mothers. The participants came from six different countries: Japan, China, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Thailand, and Romania, and the workshop was conducted in a mix of both Japanese and English.

Four teams produced creative design concepts and prototypes in response to the design question of “Keeping an inclusive and sustainable community for the future world of 2030 in mind, how would you design a new style of work making use of technologies such as the Internet of Things and Digital Fabrication?”

A toilet system for changing the toilet experience of those under primary nursing care from a burdensome process to a relaxing one with privacy and dignity

A real-time map to share the inconvenience of city
An information sharing system which eliminates the inconvenience of commuting by wheelchair and makes for a positive commuting experience for wheelchair users

A product which records non-visual information experienced during travel, such as temperature, humidity, and air flow, like a camera, and reproduces this information

Baby BnB
A platform providing a space where the families of young infants can breastfeed or change diapers

The results of this workshop are made public under Creative Commons License.

August 15th (Fri), 16th (Sat), and 17th (Sun), 2017

Fukuoka Growth Next Startup Cafe

Kyushu University, Faculty of Design

Tanpopo-no-Ye Foundation

Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Directive Council (Fukuoka D.C.)

Zhang Yanfang (Kyushu University Graduate School of Design Faculty of Design, Research Fellow)
Shinichiro Ito (Kyushu University Graduate School of Design Faculty of Design, Technical Staff)

九州大学大学院芸術工学研究院 SDGsデザインユニット事務局
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TEL 092-553-4400