SDGs Design International Awards 2022, Call for Entries

We are calling for ‘design’ that can save the world, from students all over the world who are interested in design. The SDGs Design International Awards will be held again this year to show good solutions to the world. We are soliciting creative ideas to solve social issues from students all over the world. There are things we can contribute to solving social issues! We are waiting for applications from the younger generation who are trying to solve complex social problems.


From Kyushu University, let’s show the world the “High-Quality Education” that students worldwide have thought up!

Theme 1: Let’s Design “High-Quality Educational Experiences!”

~Why not rethink the idea and process of education in our schools?~


In this era of rapid change, what is the role of education that is needed today? What is the goal of education?  What is the best type of education needed by the young people who will be responsible for the future?  How should we collaborate with companies?  How should Asia and the rest of the world collaborate to create better education for the future?


We are looking for design ideas that combine the following four keywords and ‘’ Education’’ from around the world.


‘’Culture’’,  ‘’Art’’,  ‘’Design’’,  ‘’Advanced Technology’’


”Education X Culture”

~New possibilities for education from a cultural perspective~

e.g) Classes that Allow Students to Experience dining at Home in Different Parts of the World


“Education X Art”

~New educational possibilities created by fusing education and art~

e.g) Creating a Happier Future: An Elementary School Curriculum Specializing in Art


“Education X Design”

~Creating classes, environments, and systems for education utilizing design methods~

e.g.) Educational Programs to Provide a Happier Future for the Socially Vulnerable


“Education X Advanced Technology”

~Proposal for future education utilizing advanced technology~

e.g) Development of Educational Programs and Tools that Use Big Data and AI to Propose a Happy Future for Unequal People


Theme 2: Let’s Design “High-Quality Educational Experiences” with the Companies!

1.YUKO LUCKY Group Award
Let’s Design a Learning Place for Adults that will Revitalize the Community.

2.Marine World Award
Design learning opportunities and systems that encourage people to participate in activities to preserve the richness of local oceans and rivers for the future.

3.Kyushu Gas Award
A fun design that teaches people that the energy choices they make at home are important in many ways.


Theme 1: Let’s Design High-Quality Educational Experiences!

Gold Award  300,000 yen + Certificate

Silver Award  100,000 yen + Certificate

Bronze Award  50,000 yen + Certificate


Theme 2: Let’s Design “High-Quality Educational Experiences” with the Companies!

Corporate Awards 50,000 yen


Theme 1 & 2

Special Award(s) for High School Students

Certificate including Special Online Campus Tour by Kyushu University (planned)



Entry Overview


Any students in universities, graduate schools, vocational institutions, or high schools in Japan or overseas interested in design may apply (including working students).

Students not majoring in the design discipline are also welcome to apply.

※ Students can apply as an individual or in a group.

※ Students must belong to an educational institution at the time of application.



Any genre is welcome.

We are looking for a wide range of ideas such as product design, graphic design, fashion design, architecture, urban planning, engineering, sociology, and any field.


Application Period

June 15- September 30, 2022

Please visit our official website for more detail;

For inquiries

SDGs Design Unit Secretariat, Faculty of Design, Kyushu University

4-9-1 Shiobaru, Minami-Ku, Fukuoka, Japan 8158540


Please change (★) to when sending.


Organizer: Kyushu University Faculty of Design SDGs Design Unit Center for Designed Futures of Kyushu University

Co-organizer: Kyushu Shiawase Kyoso Labo (KYUSHU HAKUHODO Inc.) / Dongseo University ASIA DESIGN CENTER FOR FUTURE

Cooperation: Cumulus Association / International Office, Faculty of Design / Beijing Institute of Technology

九州大学大学院芸術工学研究院 SDGsデザインユニット事務局
TEL 092-553-4400

TEL 092-553-4400