[ Jury Chair ]

Akira Omoto

Jury Chair of SDGs Design International Awards 2022
Dean, Kyushu University, Faculty of Design
Vice President/Professor, Kyushu University

After working as an engineer and a system developer at companies, Akira Omoto became a research assistant at Kyushu Institute of Design in 1991.
In October 2021, he was appointed Dean of the Faculty of Design at Kyushu University. He specializes in acoustics. His research interests include measuring, evaluating, and controlling sound fields in closed spaces.
In recent years, he has been involved in research on investigating ways to improve the overall performance of sound field reproduction systems and their linkage with welfare engineering. In addition, he is currently engaged in research that contributes to the improvement of QOL (quality of life) for humans.

  • [ Judging Panel ]

    Juyoung Chang

    Director, Professor
    Asia Design Center for Future, Dongseo University,

    Prof. Juyoung Chang is currently serving as the director of the ‘Asia Design Center for Future’(ADCF) and an associate professor in the design department at the graduate school in Dongseo University, Busan, Korea.
    Her main area of research is in ‘design in cultural context’ with a particular focus on Korean and Asian culture. Agreeing with Agenda 21’s motto of “think global, act local,” which is similar to what the ADCF is aiming for, she decided to join the UN-led SDGs activities, and ADCF become a member institution of the SDSN(Sustainable Development Solutions Network). She also founded the ‘DSU-DESIS(Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability) Lab’ in 2019.
    ADCF was awarded the national research grant from the Korean National Research Foundation from 2019 to 2025, and the research topic is “developing creative design curriculums based on Korean culture and a gamification approach.” As a principal investigator of the research project, her passion is to contribute to the sustainable development of local communities through design education.

  • [ Judging Panel ]

    Ke Jiang

    Professor and doctoral supervisor of the School of Design and Arts, Beijing Institute of Technology,

    Vice director of International Design Center of the School of Design and Arts, Beijing Institute of Technology. Organize and Judge of Practical Design Innovation Award 2021 International. Organize and Host of International Practical Design and Education Symposium 2019. Panel host of 2021 International Design Education Forum. Create a first-class design exchange platform, and co-host of a series of “Design AND” Talks with famous designers and scholars.
    Got Golden Award on “Good Design” High End Equipment Innovation Design Award, etc .
    Deputy director of Key Laboratory of industrial manufacturing art innovation and design, Ministry of industry and information technology.
    Now in charge of Industrial Heritage and Design Laboratory, work on large-scale digital interactive space project with corporation with digital simulation laboratory.

  • [ Judging Panel ]

    Kazuo Tase

    President of SDG Partners, INC.

    After working for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the United Nations, and Detroit Tohmatsu Consulting, he founded SDG Partners as a consulting firm in 2017, primarily to help Japanese companies "knead" sustainability into their management. In particular, he emphasizes the ideology behind the SDGs and basic concepts such as long-term vision and purpose, aiming to help companies achieve both profit and positive social impact for a prolonged term. In December 2019, he founded a business company, SDG Impacts Inc. Currently, he also manages a café and 24-hour gym both focused on sustainability.

  • [ Judging Panel ]

    Shunsuke Nakamura


    After graduating from Nagoya University with a degree in architecture, he continued his work as a media artist while researching universal design at the Faculty of Design, Kyushu University, where he earned a doctorate in artistic engineering. Immediately after completion of his studies, he established SHIKUMI DESIGN and became a pioneer of participatory content by creating a number of innovative projects that were the first of their kind in Japan. He won more than 30 awards for his works in Japan and abroad, including two world championships for "KAGURA," an AR musical instrument that can be played by body movements. Currently, he is developing "Springin," a creative programming platform to turn people around the world into creators.