October 20, 2020
About the newly written theme song by SKY-HI
At the opening of the SDGs Design International Awards 2020 Final Presentation and Awards Ceremony on November 10, 2020, the popular avex musician, SKY-HI, will present his original theme song.
SKY-HI, who recently released his first best album "SKY-HI's THE BEST" on September 23, has written an original theme song specifically for this award.
SKY-HI will appear on the stage with his comments and will release the original theme song.

He is an artist who shows new possibilities in the Japanese music scene by self-producing entertaining contents with not only his outstanding rap skills but also his exceptional vocal, dance and music-making skills.
He has attracted attention from inside and outside of the music industry. Also, he has made a name for himself as an entertainer, SKY-HI.