November 10, 2020
Award Winner Breaking News
The final presentation was held today, on November 10th with five finalists, the result of the awards was as follows;
Grand Prize
The Vessel
Viany Sutisna, Bonaventura Kevin Satria, Faith Lim Rui En
National University of Singapore
Awards of Excellence
Best Innovation
Alate mobile kaleyard No.9 neighborhood of Weifang Community's portable vegetable truck and community activity vehicle
Huang Zhilin, Shen Sixian, Wang Qi
Donghua University
Best Impact
Anandi Learning Spaces
Shruti Umesh Chakke
National Institute of Design
Best Quality
Service Design to Protect Medical Workers (The PPE identification and donation service platform - "@")
Fang Yuchan, Zheng Ce, Gu Tianrun, Shen Yiwen, Luo Song
TongJi University
Best Feasibility
Hi ! Gesture --- Service Design of Epidemic Prevention Education for Lower Elementary School Students in accordance with Their Nature
Choi Yonggen, Zhang Yimeng, Fan Wenyi, Chen Yinglu, Li Yu
TongJi University