October 11, 2021
A Day the World Evolves. SDGs Design LIVE SDGs Design International Awards 2021 Award Ceremony

The SDGs Design International Awards (SDGs Awards) invite design ideas that lead to the achievement of the SDGs goals from students around the world. The goal of the award is to encourage young people and share their ideas with many people around the world to be used to create a sustainable society.

The theme for this year's award, the third round, was "Let's create a carbon-neutral society -Think Big, Start Small, Move Fast". The world is counting down to realizing a "carbon-neutral" society, where greenhouse gas emissions are effectively reduced to zero. The world is facing various challenges in the environment, cities, architecture, products, communication, services, and social systems. Hence, design is needed in every aspect of our lives. This year, we received 83 applications from 11 countries and regions.

The award ceremony, which will be held on October 16, 2021, will be conducted in a fully online format that tens of thousands of people can view. In this event, Professor Shigenori Fujikawa, Director of the Research Center for Negative Emission Technologies of Kyushu University, will be giving the keynote speech on cutting-edge research. Also, last year's award-winning team will be introducing the implementation process of their proposal. In addition, the 13th Asian-Pacific City Summit Special Edition to be held by Fukuoka City will feature an address by the President of Kyushu University, an introduction of Kyushu University's research, and a discussion by the SDGs Design International Awards 2021 winners and judges on October 27 from 3:00 pm.

  • ・SDGs Design International Awards 2021 Award Ceremony
  • ・Keynote speech: Kyushu University Research Center for Negative Emission Technology, Director Shigenori Fujikawa
  • ・Introduction of last year's award winner proposal implementation
  • ・Announcement of the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Award
  • ・Announcement of the Corporate/University Awards
  • ・Announcement of the Special Awards for High School Student(s)
Please view the award from the link below;
Date and time: Saturday, October 16, 14:00 - 16:00(JPT)