October 20, 2021
SDGs Design International Awards 2021 Winners Announced
On Saturday, October 16, 2021, the SDGs Design International Awards 2021 winners were announced, and the awards ceremony was held online.
This year, we received 83 applications from 11 countries and regions.
As a result of careful screening, the winners of each award have been selected as follows.

【Name of the proposal, the winner, the school, and the country】

Theme 1: Designing a Carbon-Neutral City.
Gold Award
Rejuvenating the Edge, Taorem Rahul Singha, Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology, Bangladesh
Silver Prize
Data Center Energy Recovery Program, Nie Qijun, Royal College of Art, United Kingdom
Bronze Prize
Accum. Land, Bian Yihan, Chen Lianyi, Chu Lijun, Liu Chunchen, Royal College of Art, United Kingdom
Theme 2: Design a Carbon-Neutral Lifestyle.
Toyota Motor Kyushu Award
Antarctic Ecology Alerts, Cao Hao, Tianjin Polytechnic University, China
Pietro Award
e-CONTAINERS, Daigo Kobayashi, Tsunan Secondary School, Japan
Kyushu Construction Frontier Group Award
Bukit - Boutique Hotel, Bukit - Boutique Hotel, Chen Jia Yue, University of Science Malaysia, Malaysia
Kyushu University Negative Emission Technology Award
Carbon Capture Bus, Zhang Zexin, Kyushu University, Japan
High School Student Special Award
Saving Lamp, Yuina Komatsu, Nanako Gouda, Shiho Uemura, Fuka Hirata, Fukusho High School, Japan

Congratulations to all the award winners!
The details of the proposals and the comments from the judges will be announced as soon as they are ready.
The award ceremony will also be archived for your viewing. Please look forward to it!